where can I find a black city??

  1. hey guys!

    any idea where I can find a black city bag now??? i am so sick of waiting for Barneys to call me bak...........:rant: !

    please let me know if you see a good black city out there! thanks!!!:P
  2. Why don't you call BalNY?
  3. couple months ago, shirise had one from f/w '05. it was quite nice. if you are interested, call david and ask him if it is still there.
  4. Aloha Rag in Hawaii has them in stock, and if you live in Canada, both Holt Renfrews in Edmonton and Calgary had black cities, but the leather was a bit stiff in the Calgary store.

    I agree about trying BalNY too.
  5. which "Barney's" did you try, because i saw them @ "Barney's" in nyc :tender:...just make sure to ask for lilly or manny to help you!!!
  6. Have you found one? What about Neiman Marcus? If your local Barneys does not have one, you should try calling around to the other Barneys in the country. Or not go through them at all unless you like their return policy in case you don't like the bag.

    I had a sales associate tell me they had no black city bags left in their company (and supposedly checked), then a minute later I called a different store and they had 2 of them!! :rant: So really, if you want to purchase through Barneys, don't wait for them to call you. Call the other stores.
  7. I think Bal NY has tons still.