Where can I buy this bag?

  1. Hi girls,

    Would you guys happen to know if there is a black one on this kind of deal?


    I'd been wanting to get this bag but I can not afford to get another bag that's over a $1500.00. I just bought 2 Jimmy Choo last week...

    Any help would be very much appreciated.. Thanks:p
  2. I'm pretty sure there isn't a black one on sale. But it's available in the stores for regular price.
  3. ^^ I was about to post that!!
  4. Kosin, your kitty avatar cracks me up!

  5. WAHHHH!!! :wtf::cursing:It's gone!!:crybaby: I just came back from the trip. I missed it... Oh no..............It's gone:crybaby::crybaby:.. I could have saved another 15% discount that was given to me by BTBF and I wasn't able to get it. :crybaby:I'm so sad:sad: