Where can I buy insurance for Bags for travelling?

  1. Hello,

    I have a friend who needs to head off to Asia sometime this month, and want to bring some brand new Mulberry & Gucci bags there. But she's worried that the bags in the luggages may get lost, so is there any insurance out there for us Bag lovers to purchase ??

  2. I know that you can purchase trasvel insurance through travel agents for about $30-$40. I have purchased it before, and will again, anytime I travel with my nice bags,shoes,and clothes.
  3. My travel insurance I have with my bank, when I went to the USA this year I just upgraded it so that any item lost was insured up to a value of £1000 which was great for my Fendi spy bags.

    I think any normal travel insurance can be upgraded, it just cost you more money
  4. Yep, travel insurance through travel agents, if you use amex you have some limited things covered too.