where can i buy balenciaga @ LA & Vegas?

  1. I want to go to LA & Vegas this october. I don't know where can i buy @LA & Vegas. Can I also have tax refund ? Thanks
  2. try Barneys beverly hills. nope, no tax refund unless you have it shipped to a different state..
  3. The only place I know of that sells Balenciaga in Las Vegas is Neiman Marcus @ The Fashion Show Mall. They usually have a nice selection.
  4. Desi,

    You can also try Maxfield's in Los Angeles. It's only like 7 to 10 minutes away from Barneys, so you can visit both. Even if you find you Bal at Barneys, Maxfield is worth a visit just to view the stuff there. It's like hardcore fashion heaven, from Prada to Lanvin to Hermes. :smile:
  5. Thanks for pluiee,bellaviore and spiralsnowman...

    I've just back from la & vegas... and.. i just read the reply... i'm travelling on 5-17oct.. so i haven't seen purseblog..
    I can't found balenciaga @ la & vegas...:sad:
    Lucky.. i still got chanel expandable bag in brown.. at bellagio store...:p