where can i buy b bag at Europe? Any chance to get the Vert Deau?

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  1. Hi,

    My family will be going to Europe and UK in around 10 days time. Where can we shop for Balenciaga at UK, Italy and France?

    And particularlly i am looking for Vert Deau (mint) the new color in Partime or city or work bag. Will it be possible for me to get one without waitlist? I knew this is a very popular color.. I tried to waitlist this bag from aloharag at early Jan and they told me they dont have a waitlist available yet and I completely forgot about it..and now I guess they might be sold out already.
  2. Actually, the vert d'eaux is not as popular as you might think. My local Balenciaga store tells me many people were excited about it until they saw it IRL. In London, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Browns and Selfridges carry BBags.