Where are you from and where do you live now?


Jan 6, 2006
I thought that this might be an interesting thing to know because we are such a big and international group.
So than i make a start.
I am from Germany from a small city called Aachen and I pretty much lived there until 2001 when I moved to Munich. I really love it here with all the beautiful shops:love: and the mountains aren't far away. The only thing I really miss that my whole family still lives there.:sad2:
I'm from Sweden and I live here right now. I lived in Virginia before and am moving to North Carolina in July/August.. I'm really looking forward to it, settling down with my hubby then :love: And shopping will be so much better :biggrin:

I will miss my family when I move though :sad: I feel so guilty for just ditching them and starting a new life on the other side of the ocean..
i'm from Marietta, GA, a north suburb of Atlanta, and i now live in Athens, GA, which is the location of my school, the University of Georgia.
Pradasmeadow said:
Hello my name is pradasmeadow and Im a shopaholic LOL

Im from the UK originally now residing in the USA !!! I miss my chips and gravy and toffees!
I can understand that. I just love fish and chips with vinigear and cream tea with scones and clotted cream! :love: I am visiting my friend about 4 times a year in the UK.
I was grew up in a suburb about 20 miles outside of Boston and live in that same town now. But I've moved around a lot before returning to my hometown - Boston, Connecticut, Madrid, San Diego, Los Angeles....and am now contemplating a move to Miami...I definitely miss city life!
Well, I'm from Leeds in the UK, and I currently live in........Leeds, in the UK. Can you see the giant 'L' on my forehead?

I'm saving my pennies anyway - I'm going to California one day *fingers crossed*
I was born just outside Moscow, Russia. I live in Toronto, Canada for almost 16 years. I LOVE Canada, but also very proud of my Russian heritage!!!
I am from Saudi Arabia <waving hiiiiiiiiii:biggrin: >.. And I currently live there (home sweet home:love: ).. My mother language is Arabic.. While my second is English (that&#8217;s why my spelling is horrible!:P sorry!! ).. Traveled to so many destinations:amuse: .. And met so many people:amuse: .. Nice to meet you all..:biggrin: