Where are all the chic eyeglasses in Orlando?

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  1. I'm trying to find a great new pair of eyeglasses and have found tons of awesome (and awesomely discounted!) sites that sell them, but I need to find a retail store around here where I can see them in person and try them on. It would be tragic to order a beautiful pair of Chanel glasses that look hideous on me.
    I live in Orlando, so if anyone knows of any retail stores within 100 miles of me please let me know! I've been to places like Eyeglass World, but they don't sell Chanel or Dior, and I don't think they have Dolce & Gabanna either. I've got some cute pairs of BCBG and Ralph Lauren there, but I really want something new and flashy... as embarrassing as that may sound!

  2. Try the first floor of Macy's at the Mall at Millenia off Conroy Road. They have some great flashy Bulgari's that would work great as occasional eyewear. The eyeglass boutique is on the left side of the first floor as you enter Macy's from the mall side.
  3. ^ I agree. Mall At Millenia pretty much has everything or they can point you in the right direction. I miss that place so much. :cry:
  4. For Sunglasses Try Solstice at MallofM - also there is a location on Park Ave in Winter Park, and all the high end department stores should have sunglasses counters...

    As for eyeglasses - how about See in Winter Park - also on Park Ave?
  5. The Lenscrafters at the Mall at Millenia has Chanel frames as well as other designer brands. Also there is another frames store at the Mall at Millenia that carries designer brands. It is across from the upper level Starbucks.
  6. There is a place also at Mall of Mill on the second floor across from Starbucks that seems to have cool stuff. I dont wear glasses so I havent gone in but it looks neat. THere is also a place by where I live, in Lake Eola area that should be nice as well. It is on Summerlin.
  7. Thanks for your help everyone! I called a few places that were suggested and found out if they have what I'm looking for, and I did find some at M@M and also at Florida Mall that have Chanel & Dior, so I'm going to go on Sunday and try them out.
    Thanks so much for all your suggestions!