When you got your first pair of CL, how long did it take you...


Jul 7, 2006
How long did it take you girls to finally wear them outside of your house? I am super inpatient, I usually just wear shoes i buy right away, but my absolutely stunning nude patent simple has been sitting in my living room for weeks! I just put red tapes on her soles last nite, so she should be ready to go outside, but I am too scared to ruin her beauty! (I am very clumpsy, i scuffed my gorgeous pink miu miu double strap mary jane's heel on her first day out!), so....

how long did it take for you to wear your first CL?


killing them softly
Feb 27, 2008
I still haven't worn the very first pair of CLs I bought :P I'm saving them for my wedding! By the time the wedding rolls around I will have owned them for a year and a half unworn!

I usually try to get my CLs vibramed before I wear them out.. it saves me the pain of seeing the scratched soles. Otherwise it depends on how fancy the heels are and if I have an occasion to wear them!


Jul 17, 2008
My first pair I wore the evening I bought them... I was out shopping in snow boots right before Christmas, I had a party go to to that evening, knew I couldn't go home in-between and purposefully didn't bring other shoes with me so that I would be forced to buy new shoes while shopping! I bought a pair of lady grants, when I got to the party I checked my snow boots and put them on! But I did not wear them outside... even without a foot of snow on the ground I am a little anal as I always take my expensive shoes to get rubber soles added before I wear them outdoors. It's terrible - I have to take my new babies to the cobbler and wait a week before I get them back!! But IMO it is worth it to protect them.


Apr 26, 2008
one year ha ha!!!! to get over it my love for them!! now i wear them all. and i would wear any new ones immediately!!!! I wear them in whatever conditions too (apart from suede) to anywhere! need to if i'm going to spend that much on shoes! :smile: x


Jun 15, 2007
Urm my first CL is a pigalle 120 lova..i've had them for about 2 years now..they are specifically rub a dub dub shoes only lol [ they have never been worn ..highly doubt theyll ever will ]


Apr 28, 2007
i just got my first pair of Simples last week, and i have been wearing them every day... in my living room!!! hahaha. even that wear scuffs up the red sole a little bit - not a lot, but it's not the pure red goodness that comes out of the box. sigh.
Aug 25, 2006
It took about a month. I was scared of ruining them or something. 7 pairs later, I've worn all but 2 pairs. I also don't tape or vibram the soles, I'm actually sort of proud of the red scratching because it makes me feel that I got my moneys worth.


Want. Want. Want.
Jun 24, 2006
I'm still waiting to wear mine, mainly because we've had such crappy weather lately and I don't want to wear them out and ruin them.

I have two pairs total, and (obviously) I'm much less apprehensive about wearing the gently used ones I purchased on eBay. Kind of makes me think I need to buy them all gently used so I'll actually wear them.