When Will You Stop????

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  1. I made a list today of all the LVs I want to get; form MC, to Tulum, to denim to epi, etc. etc. Then I started thinking:
    1. When will I use all of these? I don't go anywhere.
    2. There will always be new LVs that will come out each year that I would want to get.
    3. I will just be accumulating more and more LVs

    Logical conclusion: There will be a exponential rise in the amount of LVs I will have without a concomitant rise in the amount of time I have to use them.
    So, what to do? I have to be intellectually honest with myself and realize that I don't "need" these bags, no matter how gorgeous or how bad I want them.

    Do you girls think there will ever be a point where you stop? If not, how are you going to reconcile spending tons of money and accumulating so many bags every year? Will it ever STOP????:hrmm:
  2. I think I've gotten to this point. I've bought and sold and bought and sold so many bags - contantly looking to create the "perfect" collection so that I have a bag for every feasable occasion. I feel like I'm done. Of course down the line I may decide I want another, but for now - I think I'm finally satisfied with what I have :smile:
  3. i'm on the (exact) same page as you, but don't have a good answer for you :hrmm:
  4. Stop?????????
    Not now, not eva, NEVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. I use my bags every day and don't really think of them as "going out" bags. They are my "every day" bags so I do get a lot of wear out of them to justify the $$$ spent on them. As long as you don't get yourself in debt over a pretty bag or if it makes you feel better, it's OK in my book. Girls will be girls, you know?:flowers:
  6. Let's just say, I'm more careful w/ my purchases from now on. I used to have a lot of impulse buys and most of these bags just sat in my closet. I still have to get rid of a few but overall, I think I'm pretty satisfied w/ what I have.
  7. I'm not stopping but I am definitely pausing right now. Sure there are bags I'd want but I think it's an aesthetic thing for me right now and not a necessary piece.

    I think about that often though, it's an addiction!
  8. I don't have that many bags. I love the ones I do and I don't think I'll buy another bag for a while.....hopefully when I do I will be able to afford the LeFab!!!! Then that will be it for a looooong time. It's funny because you know how job interviewers say, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" My answer would be, "In a Hermes Kelly bag!" And there my collection will be complete! (I hope) (I think) :smile:
  9. Stop? Neva! hehe I'm just getting started! There'll always be a new brand or style out that you'll want; it's inevitable.
  10. me too...although the batignolles is really calling my name!!
  11. I wish I knew. I'm feeling that way right now, too. I think if I were to get maybe a couple more bags, I would be OK. But ask me again later.
  12. I think that with EVERY bag I purchase!!!:shocked:
  13. Nevahhhhhhh!!!! ;)
  14. I told my bf I would stop once I got my framboise bedford..and I kept my word...b/c I moved onto Chanel! muahaha!
  15. Stop buying LV? My DH would think there was something wrong with me!
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