When will EMMA be in stores?? colors?

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  1. I really like this style, it reminds me of the julianne!!
    anyone have any info? dates? colors?
  2. thanks ! whats the # to JAX ?
  3. 1-888-262-6224
  4. does anyone have any other tidbit on the emma ?? is it similar to the julianne pricing ?
  5. why cant i find the emma bags on the china website.. grr.. can anyone point me in the right direction?!
  6. nervmind found it.. and i love it!!!
  7. The only info I got on this bag is that its 14x13x3, no available date and is $398
  8. no dates yet huh, that sucks! :sad:
  9. Nope, she didn't have any dates, all I know is thats a really good size though, almost a perfect size! I'm going into my coach store today, I'm gonna see if its available to order when I go in, sometimes Coach stores can pull up more info than JAX even! LOL
  10. CoachGirl12 - PLEASEE UPDATE ME on what you find ! :smile: :smile:
    I will be going to my store tomorrow late in the day, and will update too :smile:
  11. The sateen print one is an international exclusive (the one that looks like flowers or clovers in purple grey and black). The only style it will come in the US is Sophia. I am not happy about that because Sophia looks not good on me.