When will Elux and/or the Boutiques get the Reg Damier Pochettes?

  1. I'm thinking I want one in reg damier and one in Azur.
  2. My LV boutique in Toronto already has them both.
  3. i want to see the damier canvas one :hysteric::hysteric:
  4. I saw the azur porchette on their website yesterday... :smile: ((while I kept refreshing their web for Speedy azur))

    Anyone knows when they will put Speedy on...... :confused1:

    It seems that everybody who wanted one already got it, except me!! :crybaby:
  5. I bought mine from my boutique here in NC..but I was told they are selling like hot tamales.
  6. i would call 866-VUITTON to find out the exact date.
  7. Ahh!! I really like that one!! :biggrin: