When was this introduced?

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  1. Does anyone know what year the Batignolles (vertical, horizontal, regular) was introduced? I'm having small date code issue so I thought I'd ask the experts......:P

  2. it just came out last year


    my bad...meant to hit 'go advanced' not 'post quick reply'

    anyways, they did just come out last year. IIRC, they came out a couple months after the Popincourt. I remember talking to my SA and saying I'd have gotten the BH instead of the PH had I known they were coming out.

    but what i've noticed is that the date code may not always match the release...again, IIRC they just came out w/the new colors of Antigua this year,but mine was made in 2005.
  3. I believe they were out in stores May 2005..
  4. Interesting about the date code not matching......I really do learn something new everyday on here. :yes:
  5. this was asked VERY recently, you may want to do a quick search, you may find some good info. I think there were a lot of responses to it.
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