When was Red Available?

  1. I am looking at a red Paddington, and her Net-A-Porter receipt says 1-17-05. I thought Tan and Chocolate were the 1st 2 colors released and Red came later in the year, like March or April. Does anybody remember the release dates?

    Thanks for your help fellow Chloe lovers. I own Whiskey, Chocolate and Anthracite Paddys. I am waiting for my Edith. :worried:
  2. Hello chicbags, are you the same CB as on BDC and ebay? I can't remember when red came out. if you cant find the answr here you might try going back through the 300 page paddington thread on the fashion spot.
  3. Yeppers, that would be ME. Now, I need a hint on who you are :love: ?

    I can only see 18 pages, taking me to 12/05. I will play around with the thread some more.
  4. baller :P I know i've seen the release date for red but cant remember.
  5. Hi Baller,
    Well think gf, think!

    Have you carried your Anthracite yet?
  6. i've used up all my thinking powers for awhile. I searched tfs but the red isn't mentioned until much later and the thread wasnt started until feb of 2005. That would have made the red one of the first colors to come out?

    Yes, I've been switching off between anthracite and mousse! I think i have a pic around here somewhere. here it is
  7. So you bought 2 new ones this spring! Gorgeous bags. And I love the metallic wallet - yummy!

    I am pretty much liquidating most of my bags, except for a few Marc Jacobs, to buy more & more Chloes! I am so in love.
  8. Same here, still trying to unload my mc trouville, decided to keep my lv denim pleaty for now but i've gotten more use out of my chloes than i ever did with my LVs. I'm hankering for a baby paddy but will probably wait and see whats coming out in the next seasons batch.
  9. I do love the denim pleaty - it's a sweetheart of a bag!

    I know I'll be bumping into you now that I re-discovered this fabulous forum and decided to finally take the plunge and post! :love:

    Thanks for your help :amuse:

    Do you long for an Edith bag? :smile:
  10. Luckily I don't! It's a nice bag, the shape just doent work for me. Well, looks like Red wasn't part of the first wave but came out that spring/summer. LVR had it for preorder around feb/march for a july delivery. NAP had black, cream, tan and dark brown available around that time. Nothing concrete though
  11. WOO HOO! Great Detective work! Mid-January didn't sound right to me at all. :sad2: Why do people do that? :amazed:

    I am still waiting for an Edith. I held someone else's at the Chloe Boutique out here and it really was amazing. Not sure about the drop length though. I like my hands free to shop :P
  12. Yeah the paddy drop length is perfect as I can wear it handheld, on my arm or on the shoulder. Handheld only doesnt bother me but I dont like them for everyday use.

    So, its dang near may, when are we going to be hearing about the next wave of colors? I need to devise a plan of action. I've decided the baby paddy is probably next on the list lol
  13. There was a mini metallic for sale starting at $9.99 at an auction dropsite on Ebay. It was authentic. Unfortunately, I think the owner freaked out at how low the bidding was and they ended it. You would have LOVED it!
  14. I'm curious to see if the rumored black bag with black hardware will come out in a mini. I really should wait until I sell off the stuff I no longer use first lol
  15. But, you can't wait when it comes to Chloe. You snooze you lose! :blink:

    Your stuff will sell when you least expect it :P