When was Mini Pochette Accessories release?

  1. just wondering when was the mono one release? i saw on eBay but the auction say it's quite a new item so i'm curious. tia :yes:
  2. Sometime last year if I remember correctly.
  3. Mini Monogram pochette was released 2 years ago. Now it comes in Damier and Azur!
  4. Has it been that long already... Time really flies!
  5. thanks all :yes: i thinking to get the mono or azur one :graucho: both are just so yummy :p
  6. i love the mini pochette! if i get a big bag for easter, ill get one on fathers day for a charm!
  7. I just got mine last week and I love it, it holds a cel, lipgloss and my cles. But my cles holds my id, cc's and cash, I tend to use it as a wristlet when I have to carry a diaperbag around (yeah, soooo glamorous) the goldtone chain is real cute too.
  8. i think is so cute, but I prefer bigger bags
  9. me too was a big bag person :smile: popincourt haut was like the minimum bag size for me and usually i go for a4 capable bags :lol:

    i just feel it's time for me to move onto smaller bags, especially good when i need to attend night events :smile:

    really like the gold chain on mini pochette :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. I have one, I put my Cles (mono) inside of it with my cell phone, coins, cards and chapstick :biggrin:

    I :heart: the little gold chain on it SO much!! I wish they would do that for the regular Pochette!!
  11. me too!