When they BEG, do you give?

May 7, 2007
Every time I walk to college a bunch of people (don't know if they all are homeless) ask for money. This happens everyday with a lot of new faces.

Some creepy guy at wendys stands right behind the drive through. Once you pass it, he jumps at your window and begs.

Most of the time I give them some change, but its been almost like everyday when they ask. I think they start to rely. I feel bad, but what will they really spend the money on? You cant know for sure.
Apr 25, 2009
Hahaa that is okay..
For me, I usually don't. I am also a broke college student too!!
I wish someone would give to me instead! ;)

But the ones that jump out at you are... SCARY!! o_o;; I'd probably slam my gas peddle since they would startle me too easily. @.@;;;


Jun 29, 2008
I don't have personal experience, but I have heard that this is particularly bad in college towns. I was told by a teacher someone came up to her as a broke college student asking for enough money for airfare and cussed her out when she declined.

I also hate when the ones who stand by the side of the road are willing to come up to your window. Sometimes I'll go the long way home just to avoid them.

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Feb 17, 2006
u have started THREE of the same exact threads.....we dont allow duplicates..thanks

I closed the others....PLEASE do not post more...!!!:nuts:
May 7, 2007
u have started THREE of the same exact threads.....we dont allow duplicates..thanks

I closed the others....PLEASE do not post more...!!!:nuts:
LMAO, I didnt mean to. I thought the one in the news section would be closed, so i opened one here. But I dont know how 2 came up here??!! LOL, sorry.


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May 2, 2006
I don't ever give out change/cash, mostly because I never carry it, but also because I just don't feel comfortable doing so. I'd must rather make a donation to a charity versus handing out money to total strangers, because at the end of the day, giving a stranger whatever change/cash I have is only going to help them right then and there, it's not offering a long-term solution, which is what is needed more.


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Apr 16, 2009
I don't give money to anyone, the only time i give money is around the holidays and i give it to a worthwhile cause that i know will use the money for what it's supposed to be used for.
May 7, 2007
I rarely carry cash or pocket change. And they never believe me.

Some lady keeps saying she's pregnant and needs money for the baby. Well I've been in this college for 3 years and she's still saying that. GAA, even elephants dont carry that long.

I was sitting outside and it kinda got depressing and sad seeing her walk around helplessly begging for money. It totally got weird when beggars begged the beggars.


Jul 20, 2009
I don't give out money. It's too risky for me to pull out my wallet IMO. I don't want someone to grab it and run.

Me too. Although I do make an exception during the holiday season and give my children some change for them to place into the Sally Ann Christmas kettles at the malls.


Aug 7, 2008
i generally don't give to the beggars on street corners. there are a few popular, main intersections that beggars choose. and i do feel bad for them standing there in the heat, cold, rain, etc. but i honestly don't know if they are truly homeless.

we don't have any homeless shelters around here, and it's not the type of area where you see people sleeping on the street (and we don't even have parks or street benches). our local news channel did an investigation once where they video taped a popular street corner and caught 1 of the "homeless" people being dropped off by someone early in the morning and then being picked up late at night. so it was just a scheme to make "easy" money.

i generally avoid eye contact when i'm at those intersections. 1 time a guy went up to my sister's window asking for money and when she said no, the guy started hitting her car and pounding on her window. even when i avoid eye contact, there are still some people who will shout asking for money or they'll come up and knock on the window.

a few nights ago when i was coming out of target, a young lady approached me saying she was selling christmas cards and cookies. she said she was trying to raise money for her baby. i was in a rush so i agreed. it was $5 for 4 little gingerbread men, and $7 for a little card with a candy cane. i gave her $5 and she was grateful and all, but i was probably conned (she was very very well dressed), but i couldn't say no and feel guilty if she was indeed telling the truth. so i like to think i might have helped someone in need and a little kid have a happier christmas...

i'll gladly make donations to trustworthy organizations though.
Jan 31, 2010
I'll make donations to legit charities, but I do not give money to panhandlers ever. It's just not safe, and the money is most likely going towards drugs or alcohol rather then food. Since I frequently pass the same panhadlers while I'm going to/from work, I don't want to get a rep as an easy mark.