*When somebody asks you 'is that counterfeit?'

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  1. :confused1: Everyone~ Bonjour!

    What is your reaction...and what do you answer when

    somebody looks at your LV and says 'counterfeit-'


    :tup: Thank you!
  2. Well, as long as your bag is authentic, it shouldn't matter what other people think about it.
    I know my bags are real and if others think they're fake then I just chalk it up to their not knowing as much about LV as I do.
    I've never been confronted about anything though so I've never had to react to an accusation.
  3. Honestly, I've never had that happen to me.
  4. 2nd. Although 1 person asked if it was real because he wanted to talk about lv bags. :biggrin:. i said "yes". and he proceeded to compliment it and then say he just got his wife an MC alma. (iirc)
  5. "Didn't know they sold fakes at the LV boutiques?"

  6. I have used that one. My mother in law asked me once "how do you know that is real?!" I replied "because last time I checked they weren't selling fakes and charging thousands for them at the LV boutique".
  7. ^lol, good one, ann!

    to answer the OP's question... i'd prolly say... 'i dunno, i got it from this shop with a sign outside that says l-o-u-i-s v-u-i-t-t-o-n and their bags have this 'LV' on them and it cost me $1000.'
  8. Me neither, if I get questions it's more like "But yours is real, right?" :smile:
  9. I raise my eyebrow and give them my most disapproving look, then say slowly in my most authorative tone, "NO! it's not fake"
  10. Sorry that happened to you.......personally, no one has been that rude to ask me such a question.
  11. This question has been asked many times in the past and there are numerous previous threads about this topic. I suggest using the search feature in the above tab future reference . ;)
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