when ordering directly from a coach store question

  1. I ordered a bag from a out of state coach boutique and she said i would get it in about 4 to five business days fedex. I was wondering did you guys get a tracking # or does the bag just show up. It wasn't until today I realized i didn't know when it would get here. I bought it Friday morning im in Ca and the store is in NEWARK, DE
    thanks for any help.:heart: Im so glad I found somewhere to post C questions Im sorry the C page is gone I hope it will come back soon :O)
  2. I don't usually get a tracking number--it just shows up.

    Generally it takes about 4 business days.
  3. thanks so much.:tup:.. hopefully the C page will open again soon I really miss all the fun people:crybaby:
  4. I do too miss the Coach page! Thanks for sharing the sentiment!:crybaby:
  5. just spotted Megs post above mods can remove this thread ... thanks guys will check back when all is fixed next week hugs to all and a very Happy 4th to you and your families :O)
  6. I'll bet it'll show up tomorrow for ya. You might have gotten it today, but because of the holiday. Good luck. Enjoy. Happy 4th to everyone and their families. Wendy
  7. you should get it probably by tomorrow.....
    Happy 4th of July to all my Coach Girlies!!!
  8. I was told I'd get a tracking # but didn't. It came quickly, tho.
  9. I usually get a tracking # via email, but that depends on if your email is registered, if not, I have called coach 800# before and they will give you the tracking #.
  10. You can always call the store you ordered from and they should be able to get the number for you.