when it rains, it pours

  1. I've been waiting for things to settle down at home a bit to present my newest babies -

    Should this be a slow one (a la PBC :graucho: ) or a fast one?
  2. Fast one Katel!! Pretty please!
  3. they're two of my grails on my short list and I found them within a week of each other.

    Any guesses?
  4. sunrise shots for your aesthetic amusement while you decide

    sunrise1.jpg sunrise2.jpg sunrise3.jpg
  5. Fast fast fast! Cause I have to go run some errands, LOL!
  6. OK, fast is the vote, here we go

  7. UHHHH not fast enuf!! LOL
  8. [​IMG]
    b3.jpg b4.jpg
  9. Katel!!!! eeeee!!! this is exciting!! Where is that scenery taken from, btw? ok, never mind haha, the view from your kitchen window is stunning! *sigh*
  10. Two grails my my!
  11. oh man, I'm going PBC on you moviegirl!
    No I can't....I don't have the time!!


  12. I think she is waiting for 10+ people to start viewing this thread b4 she strips it all ENTIRELY!!!!
  13. OOOHH!!! Come onnnnnn baby you can do it! :drool:
  14. Croc?
  15. I see bumps!!! goose bumps???