When it comes to Hermes, can you pass on a good deal?

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  1. For those of us who have been to the sales or who shop resale ... I am wondering how much the price reduction comes into your purchase decision? Please share what great deals you have found over the years and which deals swayed you to purchase something that you might have passed on if it was retail price.
  2. I don't get caught up on the savings if it's useless:P or pure excess:nuts:

    BUT, I did score a pair of linen pants(fully lined) from Burberry for 0.99 cents .. no flaws :smile:
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    Definitely scarves. Theres lots of designs that I kind of like but wouldn't buy at full price. Same with the little things like keychains and bracelets...at a discount, they are easy to grab without thinking, like candy bars at the grocery checkout. I think I would be less likely to buy a bag because of a discount, just because the prices are still in the thousands, even at the sale.

    ETA: my all time favorite "score" was a $15 shower curtain for $0.75. I have no shame in admitting that I bought it just because it was such a good deal :P
  4. I don't buy something because of the bargain price.
    But I sometimes don't buy because the price is too high to me,
    and it happens often with H. :biggrin:
  5. The 70% off on jewelry at the NY sale was a huge deciding factor for me. While I did buy a collier de chien silver ring at full price, I went a little bananas at the sale. This is not to say I have buyer's remorse. Far from it. I am doing a little "nyah nyah, I got this on sale and love it" happy dance for each item. I now have a nice collection for a ton less than retail.

    But truly, I would NEVER have spent $6k on that pink gold bracelet, no matter how much I love it.
  6. Nothing is a bargain if you don't need it or you aren't going to wear it. Having said that, I know I have fallen prey myself on occasion, but not recently.
  7. Define good deal.

    I can pass on a $50 scarf if I don't care for the pattern or colourway. A pattern that I love and have been looking for for $300 - that's a good deal I can't pass up.

    $1800 for a bag I like but don't love - I don't care if it's a birdie birkin, if I don't love the bag, that still is not a good deal. KWIM?

    I have to feel financially ready, and I have to know that I will love the item before I can make the plunge.
  8. ITA, I'd much rather save the money from the good deals and put it towards something I know I really want that's more or full price.

    I do have lists of things that I like but wouldn't purchase at full price.

    Oh and restricter's pink gold jewelry .... :drool:

  9. Hello, my name is restricter and I am a pink gold Hermes jewelry addict.
  10. I love a lot of bags and although I would not seek them out at full price if one comes my way for less I am more inclined to buy it. I love the color raisin but already have a raisin picotin bag. If I were to find a bolide at half price that happens to be raisin I would buy it because I would use it and I love bolides. I would not buy a raisin bolide at full price. I might not buy another bolide in any color at full price because they have become so expensive over the years.
  11. ITA!

    I have fallen prey myself, and I have regretted it later. I won't buy anything anymore just because it is a bargain. In the end, it truly is no bargain at all if you never end up using it.
  12. (off topic, I love the kitties in your avatars ranag and restricter!)
  13. The mens "town shirts" and the crystal. I like the shirts, but now that they are $500-$700+ each, I really try to hold off until the sales, as putting up with the ink smudge on the H tag is more than mitigated by the $300-$400 savings! And the crystal, while beautiful, is priced at a level I just cannot justify paying retail for. My dream is to arrive at the BH sale with a full collection in the Tommy pattern sitting on a utility shelf marked down 70%. It'd still be a bit too expensive, but I'd sure not pass it up.

    Other than that, the only things I buy at sales that I'd never buy at regular price at the stores are beach towels. I've bought ties on sale there that I merely liked and didn't love, and they've never been worn, so yeah, as others have said here before, whether it's on sale or retail price, if you don't love it, it's probably best to leave it for someone who will.
  14. the state of my bank account dictates my actions so i've no choice but to pass
  15. I don't buy anything just because it's a bargain.