When is the next Hermès sale?

  1. Trying to plan some trips for early next year. Does anyone know when is the next big sale either in NYC or BH? Does one require an invitation to attend? TIA.
  2. They're usually biannual in NY so if the last one was mid to end of August, then I'm expecting the next one in February. They're open to the public after a private sale and are usually a wednesday to saturday affair.
  3. Thanks, olive519. A trip to NYC is in order! Is the sale usually in the middle of February or end of February?
  4. Hmm...If I remember all that well it was near the end of February, almost March, around the 20'something if that helps.
  5. It's the same for Beverly Hills....usually in August and February...
  6. Usually the stores will call the regular customers (a.k.a. the VIPs) for sale preview and it is usually open to public the next day.
  7. ^^^thanks for all the info, ladies!

    If it's not too much to ask, can someone/VIP PM me if/when they know when the sale is? I would really love to score some small leather items :girlsigh:!
  8. the next NY sale is usually in late Feb. Exact dates are not set yet. We wont know until about a month before. Sometimes, the sales dont have small leather goods