When is the fall collection debuting?

  1. Thanks Jill for recommending Lisa in the NM in Troy Michigan! She told me that right now they have a Mousse paddington 30%. Unfort. I am looking for a chocolate paddington so it didn't work out for me.

    Lisa told me that if I am looking for a color that hasn't been released since fall 2005 (at least for NM) I should wait until the 2006 fall releases. For NM at least, the last time they were issued the chocolate paddingtons was months ago right before the fall. They haven't received any new shipments since so Lisa believes that the ones I do find will most likely be returns and imperfect. And for as much as I am paying that purse better be perfect!!!! :blink:

    So the question is....how long do I have to wait before the new fall releases? Anyone have the 411 on what colors will be released and when? Thanks!!
  2. There is a brown for fall. They usually come out in the summer. Maybe around July?
  3. The SAs say late July... and London is the tiniest bit sooner than the States.
  4. I wonder if there will be much of a difference in the leather? If given a choice would you buy one now or wait? Or do you think it won't be much of a difference?
  5. I know there will be a new grey Paddy and an orange Paddy for pre-fall...July/August.

    Does anyone still have the mousse Paddy on sale? Can I get a phone number? What is the sale price?
  6. ET, NZ had the Mousse Paddy on sale (30% off) as of Sunday.
  7. lordguinny- sorry Lisa did not have chocolate! But, I called Chloe NY and asked what color paddys they will be carrying in their store for Fall, and was told chocolate, whiskey, and I believe tan (but not sure of the third color). I am sure there will be others as well as the SA on the phone sounded like an idiot. But Lisa from NM is very honest, so I always take her advice. She never leads me wrong!

    Good luck on your search for a chocolate paddy! I am sure you will find one soon!!!
  8. Who is NZ? Was that supposed to read NM? So 30% off would make it around $1050? Am I right? What to do, what to do! :hrmm:
  9. ET, I am sorry, I must have had a brain freeze in my last message (I've called so many department stores these past two weeks). It was Kirna Zepete that had the mousse paddington on sale. This was as of this past Sunday.

    I know you've been looking for one so good luck! :yes:
  10. I saw the new orange paddy in a boutique in barcelona, Spain a few days ago, so they are already out in europe. I also saw a new "flesh/beige" color. I liked the orange - it was orange, but not traffic cone orange.
  11. Thanks! :flowers: