when is the best time to buy a coach agenda?

  1. im guessing if it starts on september 2005, it ends september 2006. two months isnt enough for me imo, when do they come out the new ones?:cry:
  2. Back when I used paper agendas they used to start stocking the new inserts at the stationery stores around the 1st of August. You could call Coach and find out for sure. 800-223-8647.
  3. The refill (2006 planning diary) in my Coach agenda goes all the way through December 2006-why would they end them in September? And, then at the end of it are a couple of pages that say "2007 future planing" with little boxes for each month
  4. A lot of agendas work on the academic calendar. Good to know Coach does the regular calendar year!
  5. Oh-sorry-I didn't realize that! Yeah-I guess they have both.
  6. My Coach agenda has September through December of the following year. I forgot to get one this year, so I was wondering when the new ones would be coming out as well! August it is then.
  7. oh lol sorry! when i read this off their site:

    " Spiral-bound 2006 week-on-two pages planning diary beginning September 2005 "

    i thought they did that for a reason that i did not know of, lol sorry. do they sell them at the outlets? im looking for one that doesnt scream coach..
  8. Yeah...mine runs from Sept 2005 thru Dec 2006. Of course the page with the number to order and the message to go on coach.com does me no good since the item number is not ON coach.com. I figured I'd call coach when I got closer.
  9. I found that site before...but the refill number did not match the refill number listed in my agenda. I left it at work last night...but I'll have to double check it again and see if the one I needed popped up.