When is the BEST time of year to sell expensive items??

  1. In your experiences, when is the best and most ideal time of the year for selling your more expensive items (like over $2000)?? Is it right before Xmas (for people buying it as a present) or after Xmas when people get Xmas money to spend OR just wait until Feb or March to sell when everyone had recouperated.........give your input! TIA!
  2. Definitely not right after X'mas. I remember there were not many listings nor transactions after X'mas in the past years. I'd say probably give it a try in Spring -- my humble opinion.
  3. For me, Feb-March-Apr have been consistenly good months to sell anything. Then its Oct/Nov too. Surprisingly though my December sales have peaked the week right after Christmas. Maybe people using Christmas cash/ eBay gift cards???
  4. For me, it's October through Valentines Day is the busiest season and then it sort of dies off until August when it slowly climbs again. I sell only high end items, average transaction between $1000 and $12,000.
  5. About 2-3 weeks before Valentines Day.
    However if your expensive item refers to a special interest collectors item like rare stamps or antique Steiff bears, there will not be a 'best time' to sell it, as buyers are on the constant look out for them everyday for many years.