When is it from???

  1. Is there any way to know when bbags with leather tags are from? (which don't have the metal tag with the stamped letter that shows which season it's from)
    i bought a black twiggy in February 2005. Is there any way for me to know when it's from? it could be a/w 2004 or s/s 2005...
  2. The twiggy's always use the leather tags.
  3. byMiMi is right...I've only seen them with leather tags. I don't think there's a way to differentiate the years from the serial numbers though. I've only heard of Hermes doing that (although I could be wrong)
  4. :yes: = agree
  5. The only way to differentiate a twiggy is to look on the white authenticity card. There will be a letter that accompanies the serial number. If it was SS 05, then it will be a letter A. If it was FW 05, then it will be a letter Z.
  6. The letters correspond to different years.

    C spring/summer '04 2004 1 --- B fall/winter '04 2004 3
    A spring/summer '05 2005 1 ---Z fall/winter '05 2005 3
    Y spring/summer '06 2006 1

    from http://ateliernaff.blogspot.com/2005/12/art-of-tag-reading-inside-of.html
  7. ^ winona, the letter codes are only present on the silver plate, so if the bag doesn't come with a silver plate, you're S.O.L. Though I have been told the f/w '04 twiggy did have a silver plate - just for that one season. So that could help differentiate.