When flying do you put your extra handbags in checked luggage or carryon luggage?

  1. When flying, I am always afraid they will lose my luggage so I tend to put my extra handbags in my carryon bag. (I like to take at least 2 extra handbags). What do you do with yours? Have you ever had lost luggage that had your bags in it? :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. Always carryon. You never know! Same with my shoes and expensive clothing.
  3. Well a lot of the time I travel with around 10 bags or so, so there is no way I can carry them in my carryon lol or I would. So I almost always have bags in my checked in suitcases.
  4. it depends...something like a leather bag from banana republic or danier leather, i will pack. a coach or soemthing like that is always in my handluggage.
  5. I always pack purses and shoes that I am bringing on my carry-on. There have been flights where my luggage has been lost and I was devastated. I will never make that mistake again!
  6. when i travel i always put my extra bags on my carryon... you'll never know if your luggage is NOT waiting on the carousel when you arrive!! :smile: Same goes to when i fly back home when i buy a new bag or something expensive i always put it in my carryon so that when i reach home i can surely use it!! :happydance:
  7. I'd recommend checking on your airline's baggage liability policies before putting anything valuable into your checked suitcases!

    I've been told by airline counter staff that you're not supposed to check valuable items through in your luggage. If you do check something expensive through and the bag gets lost or damaged, you will not be reimbursed as valuable items are not normally covered under their liability policy.

    A Google search on the terms baggage liability can probably help provide more details about your airline's policy.
  8. Anything that I value goes in the carry-on. Jewelry, my favorite shirt, bag, etc....anything that I would be devastated to lose stays where I can see it! Except maybe shoes...but I've never been overly attached to any shoes.
  9. Checked luggage, way to heavy for carryon.
  10. I have to put them in checked luggage b/c I'm always traveling with my computer. It scares me but I just have to chance it. It's always best to try and fly direct as well, that way, you lessen your chances of losing your luggage.
  11. Thanks everyone for your great comments! I am flying from Atlanta to L.A. in a couple of weeks and am paranoid about losing my good bags. Think I will only take one or two and put them in my carryon. Only thing is, I plan to "shoptillIdrop" while out there and will want to pack some of those goodies in my carryon. Geez, I need to leave room for that, so maybe I will only take one extra handbag with me. I never need what I take, so will try to pack light.
  12. I've always put my bags in my carry-on...but that will not be the case in my upcoming flight. My dear sweet cat will be my carry-on as she is going north with me this time. She will be my main worry, taking a back seat to my handbags on this flight. This will be our first flight together. Wish us luck!
  13. I barely bring bags that I love with me on trips... I leave them at home where I know they'll be safe and sound and bring 1 bag that I love but not enough to worry about the trip.

  14. That is exactly what I think I will do. I have several that I wouldn't worry so much about. Not that much room in the carryon bag anyway.:yes:

  15. Good luck on you and kitty making your first trip together! I'm sure it will be fun!!! :tup: