When Does The Leather Handels Get DARKer??

  1. :confused1:How Long does it usually take for the handles on a LV to darken and turn honey color. And what causes that to happen...?
  2. I thought you've purchased LV bags in the past? :confused1:
  3. It all depends on how much you use the bag. The oils from your skin and sunlight cause leather to patina little by little.
  4. I thought so too! I thought you said you had other LV's. Shouldn't you know
    that when you carry it, and the exposure to the sun, and dirt, causes the bag to turn brownish in color, and so on.
  5. Ofcourse i had LV before, i was just wondering how long it usally takes, my older LV's is already dark in the handles... but forgot how long it took to darken.. And i also just wanted to know what caused it, thats all lol... :yes:
  6. I guess it's just untreated leather that turns dark over time. Sunlight exposure quickens it....I also think the oils from your hands do it too. Not sure but I do love it!
  7. I should post photos - I have had my BH for 2 mos and it's already getting a little tan - and I don't live where Palms Trees exist - I should take photos, and then check again after 4 mos. ----It's exciting!!!!
  8. Yep, I took my BH to Vegas and it started to patina more than the other LV bags that I've had longer. I don't think there's a "time frame" but if you use it often and expose it to sunlight it will speed up the process.
  9. Yup, unless it's raining and snowing - which it is winter here, so my BH won't be coming out very much - I hope it doesn't stop the darkening process too much? I'll be using the Looping GM and the Mini Looping in it's place....I would love to live where the sun shines all the time and I am sure my BH would darken a lot faster!!!!
  10. I don't know but I have one bag and rarely used it. Yesterday I took it off from the dustbag and the handle color is a bit darker. Personally, I hate it and try to keep the color lighter as possible.
  11. I got my new bag last month on the 28th and its already starting to patina
  12. ^^^You must use yours a lot...I got mines in early? November and it's pretty much as pale as the day I bought it.
  13. Depends on the bag & how much use & sunlight. I have my cabas mezzo for years now that & my bucket bag were my two first they have patina'd nicely but not that horrible dirty dark colour that you see on some auctions of course I dont use them every day. I like mine as light as possible so keep them away from sunlight when not in use. I am wondering what the Azur is going to look like when it patinas I think the light colour handles suit it much better I wish LV would give a choice whether to buy treated leather that won't patina much or untreated I wouyld go for the treated each time!
  14. I don't like the darker leather either I'm ok when it honey but if it starts getting what I consider too dark I may sell them and replace them will depend on if it has sentimental value
  15. heres my one and a half year old patina