When does the JC website have REAL sales?

  1. Wondering when they'll have some bags that we drool over and that they'll actually ship to the US on sale? I want the sneaky snake but can't figure out what path around the world to send it so that I actually receive it. And my husband is NOT the kind who'll agree to me flying to Europe just to get one (I'm not that lucky....ROBYN!). Do they usually have some big sales in December? :confused1:
  2. The actual web site will probably have the sale prices listed on the 5th of December (but start checking on the 4th) and as for the Sneaky Snake :sneaky: bag, there are a few Off White Anaconda Mahala's throughout the US on sale.

    The Patchwork Python Ramona's & Radiants are also floating around the Neiman Marcus stores @ 30% off right now (Mark from Houston had been holding the Ramona for me, but I just couldn't justify the price) and there are some Anaconda Ayse on 30% discount at the boutiques.
    Which Snaky bag were you looking for:search:
  3. As always, thanks again Robyn! I really like the jungle python Maddy, (the price is unbelievable right now!) but the website won't ship here. It's okay...I can always admire your and jburgh's pictures!
  4. These snake bags are beautiful but as soon as the snake trend is over, they are going to look immediately dated..
  5. ^^^I've been collecting snake purses for 10 years now so I think it's a matter of beeing into snake or not. I will always carry snakeskin bags and purses, even when I'm 85 and snakes are extinct or something. I do agree that both the Jungle Mahala (which I own) and Maddy are quite glitzy, almost OTT, the skin, the gold hw, the style, but I don't think it is the skin in itself that would make them look dated, KWIM?
  6. Now see? This brings up the whole "trend" vs. "stylish" thing. Hermes has been doing exotics forever and yet I know many women who see Hermes as being a bit "old fashioned". But there are Hermes collectors out there who would snap up a vintage exotic in the blink of an eye! Does the fact that it's a Hermes make a difference? I think not.

    Either you are a fan of the exotic or you are not. Plain and simple. I....for one...am not. Having spent some of the best days/weeks of my life in the swamps with Bonnie.....in her pre gassy days...I can say that I've had enough of all things slithering! :p
  7. I don't think exotics are a trend at all. There are exotics in design lines every year and have been for quite a while.
    It's just that the quality, ideas, designs, and availability of skins change.
  8. Where are the sales at JChoo.com!!!!!
  9. Yup, I see no sign of the sale too.:confused1::confused1:

    A purple Mahala is the last bag on my wishlist for year 2007 since I can't get an EB one. A Mahala of either the above colors is gonna be my holy grail bag for the year. Crossing my fingers that it will be put on sale...
  10. ^ Wondering about this too! I just called the toll free customer care number for Jimmy Choo.com. It was answered by the contact nanny (aka operator). Unfortunately, you have to ask your question and wait for someone to get back to you in 24 hours. The operator did say she was not aware of any Choo.com sales. Rats! I 'll post the answer when and if I get one.
  11. Hi,

    I have a feeling the sales won't be till after xmas. I think in the US you have lots of sales starting after thanksgiving but nothing starts here till after xmas. The JC stores here certainly don't go on sale till after xmas so I suspect the website won't either:sad:
  12. Here is the message I received after my call yesterday:

    Thank you for your message.
    JIMMY CHOO.COM operates bi-annual seasonal markdowns which are based on the sales success of items from the current and previous collections.
    Please be advised that if you are a registered customer with JIMMY CHOO.COM, you will be notified by email as to when our sale will begin.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

    That was pretty non-committal. Until I receive an email, the date of the sale is unknown.
  13. ^^They notify you 2 to 3 days after the sale has started! They are not very prompt in their e-mails! The customer service at jchoo.com leaves something to be desired.