When does Gucci winter sales starts in London?

  1. Hi everyone!
    Was wondering when does Gucci sales starts in London? The usual early December or Boxing day? This is my first year in UK so I'm not really sure.
    I'm staying in Wales, need some early preparation to travel to London for the sales. :yes:
    Does anyone know?
  2. Hey... not in London but there is thread a bit further down called November Sales that may give you an idea?? I am waiting in anticipation too!!:search:

  3. Yeah, I noticed that Gucci in other places start in early December but it seems that in UK they start on Boxing Day and same goes to Gucci in Europe. So I don't how true is that. :confused1::confused1:
  4. I think I might fall over and never get back up again if it starts on Boxing day!!!! Please do not let it be true?! Probably does start at different times around the world... Pretty sure for US and Australia the presale is very late Nov / start of Dec and sale all of Dec to Jan. I am not certain if anyone has a definite start day yet... but if they do please oh please let us know!!:shrugs:

  5. UK sales are boxing day or day after boxing day!

    If your in Wales why not go to the bullring instead of London- the stock quantities are normally better in Gucci in Selfridges!
  6. Really? Thanks alot! Will be going to London for Xmas so i thought it will be easier to check out London stores. :p:p
    anyway, which store would be better choice?
  7. I tend to go to Birmingham instead to Selfridges! London is always to bust during sales as everyone seems to make special trips to London just for the sales!
  8. I heard they have a very long queue during Gucci sales. Ouch...hopefully I'll get what I want.
    Thanks alot designermummy for those info!