When Do You Part With a Bag?

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  1. I have a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour handbag that is the old style (before the supple leather). I have had it for a few years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has also been a compliment getter!

    Recently, I have started to wonder if it is starting to look dated; and it has also started to show normal signs of wear. Due to those reasons, I have started to carry it occasionally instead of frequently.

    A few weeks ago I was looking at the new SDJ bags and their beauty and freshness made me wonder if it is time to part ways with mine and modernize.

    So, do you think the old style SDJ is looking dated, and when do you decide to part with a bag?
  2. Personally I don’t think the older style SDJ looks dated at all. It’s got a classic shape and vibe. I don’t mind when my bags show a little wear as trying to keep them pristine and not really being able to enjoy them is way too stressful for me. If you want a new one, I say go for it but the older ones will always be classics in my view. :smile:
  3. If you’re having these thoughts it definitely means your not into the bag anymore. I definitely think you should sell it and buy something that makes you excited to carry it. :smile:
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  4. I've had my baby SDJ for about 4 years now? Now that I'm expanding my handbag collection, I don't reach for it often. I have more functional bags with closed tops. HOWEVER, every time I do decide to wear it out, I love it. The shape, the classic beauty of it. It is the bag that makes me look the best to be quite honest. And the newer SDJ's with the extra hardware on it, makes me love my older version even more. The extra hardware on the newer ones give it a cheaper look in my opinion.

    Once in a while I think to resell it and make way for a newer trendier bag, but I am so glad that I never have. It's a bag that I will always come back to and I know I would regret not having it!

    If you want to make your bag feel like new, I would purchase a fun charm or a silk scarf from Hermes (that's what I do!)
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