When do you admit you bit off more than you can chew?

  1. Sorry in advance for the long post ... haha!

    When do you admit you bit off more than you can chew? As some of you know, I'm going back to school to get my masters degeree. I'm attempting to do it in one year and take 4 classes each semester (it can be done, I checked -- I'm not the only one doing it). I was looking for a part time job as a teacher and found one at a private school. I signed on to teach 2 classes (6th & 8th grade math), then was asked to do one more (PreK-2nd computers), and then one more (teaching a student with severe dyslexia math one-on-one. He is 15 and can only read at a 4th grade level so that's where his math is). That upped my hours from 10 to 15 then 19 .... plus 12 hours of masters classes plus readings and papers and planning time for the classes I teach ... I originally ok'ed the other classes when I found out what I'd be making an hour :wtf: :nuts: but now I'm thinking it is not worth my sanity!

    It would be okay but I have NO CLUE what I'm doing in the last two classes. Neither the computer class nor the tutoring subject has a set curriculum. I'm flying solo here and do not have time to CREATE a curriculum ... I can show up and teach if I have a book! My boss said today she would get me books for the tutoring one on one, but since I am part time, I didn't see her except in passing today and then when I went to leave, I couldn't find her. Then I had to run off to class ... GRR. So I am going to have to show up tomorrow and 'wing it' again in those two classes (that's what they told me to do! sigh).

    Also, two of my classes involve 10+ page research papers which I haven't written since my sophmore year of college. My degree didn't have much writing involved and I have a feeling I'm going to have to spend a ton of time reaquainting myself. Did I mention for two of my classes, I have to drive an hour and two hours to them, respectively?

    I know part of me is whining because I'm cranky and tired and have to wake up and do it all again tomorrow. :hysteric: I have been running since 7 am and did not get home until 8 pm tonight. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the worst because those are the nights my classes are (one is online) ... so I figure this week I have to at least make it to Friday to see if I feel different. But I don't want working too many hours to affect how I do in my classes ... they do need to come first ... and don't the kids deserve someone who has more time to prepare? I have one planning period where I can get math stuff done, but there is not enough time for it all.

    I am just thinking this is day one of a long 4 months ... any advice?
  2. First, breathe. OK, now take this one day at a time. It is totally natural to feel overwhelmed right now at the beginning of this new schedule. I remember my first day of grad school I sat and cried when I got home. I thought no way. Once you get in the groove, and start getting used to the new "life" you will settle in. Give it some time. Breathe.
  3. Wow, girl, right now breathe, and relax!!!!! I think you should really think about it, it looks like you have too many responsibilities! I think you should cut down on the classes you teach, because right now, in my opinion getting your master's should be the number one priority.
  4. You can do it!! ;) hehe
    just run along with what you know your limits are and stay there
  5. I really think you can do it. You wouldn't sign up for it if you can't but if you think it might be too tight, how about extending the 1 year program to 1.5? Or extend it one semester (not sure how many months a semester is for you).
  6. similar situation-pursuing MBA f/t @ Columbia, demanding f/t job, and a parent as well.

    It is extremely overwhelming at first but you need to relax and take it one day at a time.

    I schedule everything and if it's not scheduled I just don't do it. All of my days are 14-15 hrs long so I rarely have time to do extra stuff. Homework and class projects take forever.

    No matter how busy your schedule is make sure you carve out personal "lazy" time for your self or you may burn out quickly.
  7. I'm one of those people that rarely admits it and I make it work... I was sort of in a similar situation my last year of college... 3 grad classes, an unpaid internship 4-5 days a week so about 20-30 hours and then my light babysitting job turned into almost full time nannying when they had a family member become very ill and pass away... I got to a point where I was like omg I can't do this! But there was no way I was dropping a class, giving up my internship or backing out on this family. The way I survived was, if I wasn't needed at the family's house, Friday nights became my "me" nights. I'd stay in and watch tv and relax or have my bf come over and join me in those activities. You do need to make time for yourself!

    I think you can do it. THe thing is, it is just a lot at once, so it is going to take you maybe a week or two to get into a groove and feel comfortable with everything. New jobs are always overwhelming! And so is starting school again! Good luck!!
  8. Um, everyday I feel like I bit off more than I can chew in my career. I'm always getting asked these crazy health questions, like today, does Duragesic cause decreased sexual libido or can it cause osteoporosis over long term use? WTH?? Of course, since I can't possibly know everything, I do my best to answer the question and always say I can look up the answer or get back to you with more information.

    Nobody expects you to know everything and they'll understand if you need time. So be patient, life is full of challenges. That's what keeps it interesting. Otherwise you'll be bored.
  9. My senior year of college, I was asked to be part of the planning committee for senior activities. I accepted. (It was October then.) Come January when things are really getting planned, I realized I had taken on too much. Not only was I doing the senior activites, I was writing my senior thesis at the time.

    I finally had to send an e-mail to the coordinator explaining the situation. Luckily, he was cool with it.
  10. I'm sort of in the same stressful situation. I work full time and I go to school for my Master's full time. Sometimes I just want to scream, I'm so frustrated and stressed.

    What really helps me is to work out a schedule. I work during the day so from 9-5, I pretty much know what has to be done during those hours. The nights I don't have class, I set up a schedule like this.

    5:30-6:00: Unwind, change into comfortable clothes, play with the dog, watch the news.
    6:30-7:30-Do whatever I have to do for school-either research, read, write part of a paper.
    7:30-8:30- a little dinner & a little TV.
    8:30-11:30- continue doing school work.
    11:30- read a book for fun & go to sleep.

    I also set nightly goals for my school work. If I have a month to finish a book or a paper, I divide the book up into manageable sections. Like reading one chapter per night. Or I will write one or two pages of my paper per night. It makes me feel good when I accomplish my reading or writing goal each night & if I plan it out, it's not stressful at all.

    Try setting up a schedule for yourself like this. Allow for some relaxing and time away from your job and school.

    If it feels like too much, that your work or your school work is suffering, don't be a afraid to drop a class. One "W" on your transcript looks much better than a C, D or F.

    Good luck!
  11. You will get used to it! It seems like a lot at first, but keep reminding yourself it is only 1 year!!
    I'm a teacher and I earned my master's degree while I was working also. Many of your coworkers are in the same boat. Teaching is tiring and so is school, but think of all the days off!!
  12. I am in grad school, own a dog grooming salon which I now operate 3 days a week, am an active member of our breed rescue group and have a full-time assistantship at school.

    The only way that I survive is plan, plan, and plan some more.

    If you are really concerned that you are over-committed (and you might be, your workload sounds brutal) maybe you can sit down and write up a schedule for yourself and see what it looks like on paper with each time commitment blocked out.

    If it really is more than you can handle, don't be embarrassed to drop a class. I think that it is better to admit that you overcommitted early rather than do everything, but do it poorly.

    Good luck & remember if you managed to get into grad school, that means you are good enough at what you do that you should have faith in your own judegment :flowers:
  13. Thanks guys, I think I am going to let go of the tutoring kid, I really have no clue what I'm doing with him and he should have someone that can spend more time planning for him. I work on schoolwork best at night and right now I need to go to bed pretty early to get enough sleep. He's my first class so I'd be able to stay up later and work. I'd rather drop work than a class ... I'm taking 12 hours and 9 is full time haha! I really want to get done in a year so I can teach at the college level next fall .... I am okay with doing what I'm doing now, but it's not really what I want to do, KWIM? And I am literally in pain today ... my body aches from all of the running around and it was one of my easy days.

    You guys are great though, thanks for all the support and advice! :flower:
  14. Personalyl I think your lucky and should be greatful that you have the opportunity to work and be in school at the same time.

    I have done those autopilots years , with work and my masters. It may kill you intially but you get into the grind and the routine. ANd it doesn't seem like you have that much work academically, and if your forced to you will do better than if you have time to waste imo and experience.

    Good luck!