When Do the LVOE Products Come Out?

  1. I just adore them!
  2. March/April they dont have the exact dates yet...
  3. end march
  4. I was told April 1
  5. I really like the LVoe Bandeau/Scarf. Is that a part of the line? I'm just not a scarf person.
  6. I can't wait for the scarf!
  7. spring. which is the end of march!
  8. I think it is.
    Jazz, I waitlisted for both the bandeau and the scarf...because I'm unsure about which size is better. I'm leaning towards bandeau though since it's cheaper and I can wear it as a belt and in my hair :p

    Why don't we meet at HR when Nick calls me so we can both check it out? :nuts:
  9. Sounds good to me! Hopefully it's when both you and I both here and not away on our trips!
  10. My LV store told me the bags wont be out till April..
  11. My Sa told me they wont be out until April 1st. Better waitlist them now though, there are going fast (I ordered all 3) Hope I get 'em
  12. Super! Thanks! Now, how can i convince my husband that $1600 for a tote is reasonable?
  13. actually it's 100-200 more.....;)
  14. yeah SA told me April too. I'd love a LVOE tote, but too pricey for what it is. I'll probably just get the bandeau.
  15. me too :nuts: