When did you start going grey/white?

  1. I'm in my late 20's, but for the past several months I've noticed couple strands of white hair each month that I quickly yank out. Anyone else start going grey/white this early? Luckily, it's just a few strands for now, but I was hoping to put off using dye as long as possible!
  2. Well, I started finding gray hair at 18-haha. Now that I decided to stop coloring my hair I see so many there is no point in trying to pull them out.
  3. I'm 27 and I see a few grey's almost everyday it seems. It's not bad enough to have to color my hair yet though.
  4. Started getting gray hairs in early 20's...it's getting worse now that I'm older but not bad enough to dye my hair, whew!
  5. back in college, some of my friends were as young as 21/22 were already getting a few strands of gray hair. they'd pull them out, of course... and the funny thing was, they looked pretty young (and still do-- we're all around 25-26 yrs old now)
  6. I'm 24 and just this year I found 2 gray hairs. I seldom "wear" my natural hair colour so it hasn't been a problem so far.. sadly I was planning to stop dyeing!
  7. In my early/mid 30s. My hair is naturally ashy brown so they stood out, ugh. My youngest bro actually pulled one out of my head during thanksgiving dinner, lol!!! It was hilarious.

    Anyway, I now do blonde highlights to cover the greys as well as keep a more flattering haircolor overall than the ashy brown. Once I'm at a nice salt and pepper stage I may let it go back to natural...i think that look is incredibly stunning!
  8. I saw my first white hair when I was 24, and by my early thirties, I was touching up the area around the part with a magic marker.

    I got away with that for a few years, but well before I was 40, I was using drugstore hair dye on the roots, and I did that until I was 52, and finally broke down, went to the salon, got my waist-length hair cut to just about shoulder level and layered, and received a lecture on non-permanent color, which I get at Sally's, and hope that one day I will be able to lighten my naturally black hair to coffee brown, with aubergine highlights.

    And yes, the first sentence is all that was really necessary to answer the question, but we all know that I am a person Living With Brevity Impairment.
  9. I started to see grey in my 20's. I'm now 40 and my hair is (I would guess) 75% grey. It sucks! I need my roots done super bad. The worst is my hairline around my face. The grey starts showing about a week after I have it colored. I use BE Brow Powder to color it in.
  10. Whew, thanks ladies! I feel better that I'm not alone in the premature graying department. :p
  11. I started having white hairs when I was 12!:shocked: I started dying my hair in my late 20's. Now I'm almost 40 and stopped doing it.
  12. Going gray young is hereditary in my family so I started graying (10-15 hairs) when I was 9, started dying my hair when I was 13 because the number of grays quadrupled and it was pretty noticeable on my dark head. Have been dying ever since (am now 21) so I have no idea how bad my grays have gotten... but I've noticed that now I'm beginning to go gray elsewhere...:shame:
  13. 14! A girl who sat behind me in 9th grade Math class noticed I had a grey hair. She asked if she could pull it out, I said yes and we've been friends ever since.
  14. What a sweet story! Thank you so much for sharing it, and giving me such a nice start to my day! :tup:
  15. I've forgotten, due to the shock I experienced a few years ago when I started seeing gray hairs in my eyebrows!:nuts: