When Celebs Wear Runway Looks

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    Fashion plate Chloe Sevigny looking very chic and understated in Balenciaga.​

    Dita Von Teese can work a dress like no other. This gorgeous Elie Saab
    creation is no exception.​

    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen pulled this 2001 Dior creation from the back of her closet to attend a recent masked ball in London​

    Halle Berry won her Oscar in Elie Saab and she continues the golden girl theme in this flirty ensemble.​

    No stranger to colour, Michelle Williams was looking adorable in a forgiving Behnaz Sarafpour top -- a favourite among young Hollywood starlet types.​
  2. they never look as good as the models

  3. I tend to agree with this though Dita von Teese looks amazing!
  4. agreed, and Dita does look the best.
  5. To me Holly does. Dita looks over embellished.
  6. Dita looks gorgeous! I've always been so jealous of her for snagging Marilyn! :Push:
  7. That dress looks GREAT on Dita. The rest are so so.
  8. Wow, I so agree with everyone, Dita looks stunning !

    And while celebs may not look best in the runway looks.. they may be just about the only people that can afford it !
  9. I think Chloe and Dita both look gorgeous.
  10. i love that model wearing the same gown with dita, is it ai tominaga?
    i think she still wears it better than dita though :P
  11. Dita looks beautiful :smile:
  12. Except in the case of Gisele, who is a model ^^
  13. Halle and Dita look Incredible... i LOVE both of those Elie Saabs, especially the one that Dita is wearing!
  14. I like them all better on the models:S
  15. Only Halle and Dita look good.