When can I use my pampellone? Update on my 'goal'

  1. As y'all know, I finally got my dreamed for pampellone. Lol, a couple of people PM'ed me to ask if I stuck to my goal of finishing my cleaning before I got it...
    Not quite, but not too bad, I did purge a lot of stuff and the bag was 1630 + tax, and with my paypal funds, cleaning funds, and a chritmas gift card...I ended up writing a check for only 296.10!!!! That was pretty cool. :yahoo:

    I realized I ended up getting it 12 days after I decided to get it....so much for the delayed gratification, I thought I was working on. Oh, well...better than normal for me. :p

    Anywho, the real question is such it is such a warm weather looking bag, when can I use it without looking gauche? Remember I am in CA :beach: ....

    Can I use it Feb? Too soon??? Surely by March, non? What do you think?

  2. it looks like a summer beach bag to me. but with the icy white and blue, you may be able to pull it off for winter :smile:
  3. Maybe it's time to ask dh for another vacation trip.:graucho:
  4. That is a beautiful bag. Personally, considering the coloring and the handles, it really does look more like a summer tote. I would wait to use it later..maybe April. No matter, its beautiful! Enjoy it.
  5. End of Feb if you're not comfortable using it now. It's not a dark winter now. A cruise or some trip that includes a yacht would be nice.;)
  6. I agree...end of Feb/beginning of March would be good. I think the rope handles really make it more of a spring/summer bag for some reason.
  7. Congrats!! I agree with what everyone said, late Feb will be great, but i think any sunny winter day will be good too? I already use mine
    (Speedy Azur 30) in TX cuz it's always sunny ^^;
  8. I"d try to wait until March, if you can.:graucho: At least you're not in colder states, I'd make myself wait until sometime in May here in Jersey...:sweatdrop:
  9. Ohhh I love that bag! So pretty! I've been begging for one to use as a beach bag, but if I managed to get my hands on it, I would so totally use it right now! Especially on one of those freaky warm days!
  10. It is so cute.
  11. summer - but the vacation thing sounds good!
  12. That would be nice....I could go for a nice cruise.
  13. That is totally awesome that you were able to get it. I'm so happy for you it is gorgeous. Way to go Twinkle..:yes:
  14. Thanks, not a bad price, huh? lol
  15. Great price.. its nice to work toward something..:yes::heart: