when bbag meets klimt.....

  1. i hate the flowered bbags LOL

    it's like taking something as gorgeous as Johnny depp and making it ugly... you dont think it's possible... until they stick neon colored hibiscus all over it.
  2. Very cool.
  3. haha.. here's another as well
    i hate the floral print go with bbag as well.... but...most of all, i love both klimt and bbags =)
  4. how ironic... you are still carrying a bbag though you are being kissed!
  5. ^that's cool. the bag sorta disappears into the photo.. i had to search for it
  6. unbelievable!
    super cool pictures, thanks for sharing. i don't think i'll cave yet but those flowered bags are growing on me.
  7. haha thanks for sharing! That's neat, but I have to agree, I'm not into those flowered bags.
  8. Cool ads but I think those bags are hideous! ((hiding))
  9. seriously, are they kidding?? ruining two works of art, IMHO... i know someone will love it - and i'm happy for them!!! - but it won't be me :nogood:
  10. i am a no on the flowered bags either... as for the art i second nicole

  11. Well....ya know, I really for the first time decided I could go for a floral city like this after seeing this post. It would be an "I've got some extra cash that I just don't know how to spend" kind of deal but would be a great punch of color and style in the spring and summer!

    If anyone has some cash....they don't know how to spend....and you want me to experiment w/this particular bag, pm me and I promise I'll take great documentation!:graucho:

    I'll take one for the team.
  12. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: I couldn't have put it better myself!!
  13. Actually, I don't think the floral bags are that bad or fugly. They're different but attractive in their own way. I wouldn't buy one because I don't work with alot of floral prints whether in shoes, clothes or bags, but if I saw someone carrying one on the streets I certainly wouldn't think "ewwww ugly".
  14. Not for me, though I wouldn't call them ugly :biggrin: But I spent a lot of time looking at the pics on the website and some of the graphics were really well-done and clever!