When and how???

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  1. I'm curious as to when and how my fellow H-philes because interested in owning H items especially the bags. Personally I became interested about 6 years ago when I read about Grace Kelly and her bag, and I'm sure I read about the Birkin in a magazine article too. I learned about "the list" too.

    Back then I was single and thought a H bag was way out of my budget however I knew someday I would like to own one. I've visited H boutiques from time to time bec I was intrigued with the brand and bought a few scarves. The Sex and the City episode fueled my interest too.

    Fast forward to the present day, I am married to a DH who makes way more than I do. While I dabbled in other brands like Marc Jacobs, Ferragamo, LV and Chanel, H was always in the back of my mind. One day early this year I walked into a boutique to find out how I could go about putting my name on "the list" to obtain one of these bags. I figured even if it takes 3 years for me to get one, it would give me plenty of time to save my own money to buy it (I don't like to use his money for shopping). I was helped by a SA who was kinda new and very helpful. I told her I was interested in owning a H bag, no preference to style. I did ask her how to go about owning a Kelly. She mentioned the list being closed however they had several Kellys in stock and she showed me one that I fell in love with and took home with me.

    Now I am hooked and am looking forward to owning a Birkin too. I'm hoping to go to the mothership soon to be united with one. I admit I'm hooked on H and once you've had H, you can't go back. I feel sorry for my other bags. I carry them because I *have* to, not because I *WANT* to.
    Anyway, that is my story :wlae: . I hope many of you will share your story.

  2. Welcome Scarlett!

    First, please take this time to post a pic of your bag to share with us.
    Also post it in the members' reference thread above.

    Have fun and pretty soon you will have so many friends here.
  3. Will do KB, as long as I figure out how to shrink the picture so I can upload it.
  4. Thanks, orchids. I'm on my way there now :yes: .
  5. [​IMG]

    Here's a picture of my Kelly.
  6. BTW, I don't mind if the mods want to move my posts to the other thread. Thanks!
  7. Wow Scarlett, what a beautiful Kelly <drool> and what a great story to share.

    It always amazes me that I can look and look, and yet each time I see another one, it's Love At First Sight all over again! And that's the Hermes brand all over.

    I started bag collecting at a very young age and went through the vintage Gucci to Vuitton to Hermes stage. Basically I grew out of LV bags and "naturally" looked to Hermes for the next Dream Bag. I never looked back since.

    And if anyone's wondering, I first bought a Hermes bag the day after 911. I thought OMG the end of the world is here and I STILL haven't got my Dream Bag yet!! I refuse to die without my Birkin and my Kelly so I rshed in the H store the next day. <yeah you heard me, don't kill me> :shame: :supacool:

    The store was dead quiet still reeling in the shock of what had happened, and I got my 1st Kelly that way - no customers, no queue. My 1st Birkin followed 3 months later. And that's my H story :nuts:
  8. That's a great story, misspiggy. I believe that life is too short to hold back and not enjoy day after day. If owning the ultimate status symbol bags like a Kelly or Birkin makes you feel like your life in truly special then you should do it. This may sound shallow but I feel my bag has added a special something to my life by giving me something to cherish.
  9. Welcome! Great bag...I've been on a frenzy in the last 7-8 mos...and have bought and sold a few trying to figure out what works best with my life, and in the colors, etc....I love them and obsessed and now must be good and stick with accessories!
  10. Thanks Scarlett. And yep I know it SOUNDS shallow (afterall this forum is based on shallow obsessions and all that :nuts: ), but at the end of the day, when all is said and done and we leave this earthly life, we can't bring any of our material things with us.

    So besides trying to be a good person and doing my fair share of charity works, I thought I may as well pamper myself and enjoy what my own hard work earns me. Each of my H bags marks a special day or event, like my 1st Kelly, and so when I carry a certain bag, I'll think of the day or the event, and either give thanks for my blessings or say a prayer for those who need them :yes: