What's your style?

  1. Preppy? Punk-rock? Fashion addict?

    What best describes your style, ladies? :huh:
    How do you accessorise if you picked a look that doesn't go with your bag of the moment?
  2. Interesting question;I would love to hear others' replies to this too.

    Difficult to answer though:lol: . My style doesn't fall into a specific category,I don't think. I think of it as a kind of "quiet luxury","classic with a twist."

    I like simple things with unexpected features.

    I like good quality fabrics and good craftsmanship.

    Neutral colours mostly,with the occasional splash of red and some dusty pinks/blues/nudes/lilacs in summer.

    I often like little details that only I can see,like special inside linings,leather buttons,etc.

    I enjoy quietly subversive elements...like my sober looking Paul Smith trouser suit with totally off-kilter pinstripes:lol: .

    As far as the bags go...I buy bags that will suit (different aspects of) my style. i would never buy a bag to which i would have to adapt;my choice of bag should complete me.
  3. elegant casual chic
    I try and stay away from very "it" moment fashion.
  4. Uh....mummy-style. Basically jeans and a top/jumper that I can wipe/rub baby spit off. During summer it's more skirts with fitted T. I think I need a makeover.
  5. My style changes daily...depends upon where Im headed off to.

    For example, in the morning I teach class so I'm a lil' professional looking...(although not too professional since it is 8 a.m).

    If Im just hanging out at home or running errands...I tend to slip on some comfy flats and jeans with a fabulous bag and do some running around....my new Wapity comes in handy for those quick errands.
  6. I'd be a fashion addict. I love all things fashion - shoes, bags, jewerly, hats, scarfs and everything else!

    I always try to put the whole outfit together, that includes my bag. I beleive that if just one little thing is off, it can ruin the rest of the outfit no matter how great it is.
  7. *pokes Cal with a Paris map* Muahahaha. You vil be my next eggsperiment, ja ja!
  8. I had a strange moment of recognition when I got this weeks New York Magazine. There was a feature on "Grups" - which is the designee given to a class of Gen X'ers who are, according to NYM, resisting growing up -- and wearing jeans, sneakers, hoodies all the time -- and also making lifestyle changes such as giving up fast track careers to have more family time or choosing independent work over large company tracks. Well, I never thought I was part of a "trend" (and I'm more of a Boomer than an X-er) but couldn't help see myself in the "type."

    Having said that I do have definite biases: very little color, no pattern, perfect fit, and comfort is a must. Haven't worn heels or pantyhose in 8 years! I think people look better when the clothes are "quiet" and a background for the person -- hopefully flattering, definitely washable! When I find something I like I tend to buy multiples and I guess I look pretty much the same every day!
  9. I hate to admit this, but I guess I fall into the yuppy mummy category. I buy a few trendy pieces each season, but lean more towards classic looks and designs. Now that I am a mom, I also try not to wear anything that formula, cheerios or baby food can ruin- so I take fashion refuge with my shoes and handbags where I like to splurge. So for the most part its suits to work, then jeans with designer shoes and bags for play with an oh-so-fashionable burp cloth always near by:lol::lol::lol:

    Ok Perja I may need your help too!~;)
  10. Ditto. I don't follow trends or anything. I work a lot so my outfits are all work appropriate: clean cut and casual professional.
  11. For work I'm now into quiet, understated luxury - cut and comfort, fabrics that feel wonderful - I love cashmere and linen, all in mainly neutral colours. With my long commute you have to be comfortable. Eskandar and Shirin Guild are favourites. I have turned to bags because such plain clothes make a good neutral back ground and a great bag makes a statement. For casual at the moment I've got Diesel jeans and little embroidered cashmere cardies.
  12. I'm a complete fashion addict! :nuts: Contemporary classic style. Not too trendy.
  13. Comfortable... with a slight art-y twist, dash of luxury.

    I read that article Deborahsue mentioned and saw myself and friends in it too. I'm a boomer and older than most of you. I live in a seaside community where people dress casually and dressing for work is not an issue.

    Plain clothing in "my" colors- dark jewel tones. Fun, funky accessories, and a great bag. Or my favorite hoops or diamond earrings. Nice watch. OR a funky watch. I love and must have variety. I do dip into trends sparingly.

    If I didn't need a bit more variety, my uniform could be a navy blue 3/4 length sleeve boatneck tee and jeans. On my feet are comfortable shoes, usually Keen slides or burgundy Clarks slides that to my delight happen to match my new Birkin. Since it's spring I'm ready to break out the mini-stripe clogs that I think look cute and unexpected. In winter it's fleece and cashmere, anything soft and warm.

    No high heels for me, ever. I wore and loved high wedges and platforms the "first time around" No belts or anything else uncomfortable or scratchy. And no dueling logos- a term I made up when I noticed I had on black sport slides with small DKNY logo and a
    LV bag and Chanel sunnies-argh-too many logos. ;)
  14. I would say casual chic for sure!
  15. CHIC and SIMPLE all the time.;) Im a fashion addict actually, I always make sure I follow the trends..I LOVE KATE MOSS STYLE....hehe..
    I love to mix and match ,designer and non designer clothings and accs like H&M clothing with designer bag,,
    Shoes? I love heels for special ocassion, and flat or ballerina for casual.I dont really like to wear sneakers, I dont know why! It just not really my style. I rather wear lazy flip-flop then sneakers for comfort..:P