Whats Your Ring Size ??

  1. My left ring finger is a 5.
    My right ring finger is a 6.5.

    The huge difference has always been kind of a pain because I can't switch rings from one finger to the other at all -- I have to decide when I purchase them what finger they are going to be worn on. Although it's less of an issue now that my left ring finger is always taken by my wedding band :smile:
  2. All these tiny fingers!

    My ring size is a 6-3/4 on my left hand and a 7 on my right hand. And this is after losing 92 pounds! I am 5'9".
  3. I wear a 7 on my ring finger but in the winter months they are a little big so it probably varies from 6.5 to a 7:shame:
  4. my left is 5.5 and my right is 6
  5. Mine is 3.5!! There aren't many of us with that size out there......Scott Kay had to make a special mold to make my engagement ring and band and they wouldn't go any smaller than 3.75 so I had to get those beads put in the inside. I can never have an eternity band with larger diamonds made for a ring finger....
  6. Mine's a size 2 (I posted earlier in the thread)

    I have a size 2 eternity band custom made by my jeweler so it can be done....on smalled sized fingers it can look pretty substantial! :yes:
  7. Actually I'm wrong, my finger is a 3 and Scott Kay wouldn't make smaller than 3.5 so I had to get the beads, man my memory stinks right now..... my other hand is the 3.5, my right hand-I'm right handed......
  8. What size diamonds, I wanted 1/4 carat each-25 pts, I just got a half way around instead.....
  9. my left ring finger is 3.75... right ring finger is around 4
  10. i believe my wedding ring is a 5.5...
  11. 4.5.....glad to see there are others with tiny fingers too!
  12. I wear a US size 8. I have no idea how my fingers can be twice as big as some peoples' ! I'm not huge, my BMI is 17.7!
  13. Gee! Lots of people with teeny fingers! I thought mine was small at 4.75!
  14. My wedding ring is a 3.5, gets loose in the winter!
  15. I'm size 4.5. When I got my rings I was told it was unusual to have such small fingers, but apparently not here!