Whats Your Ring Size ??

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  1. I wear a US size 5 or a J on that chart. I have tiny fingers.
  2. I wear an "I" on the charts
  3. I wear a 5 or a 4 7/8. No one would ever think with my size that my fingers would be so tiny! But they are very petite!! So a J or I 1/2 :smile:
  4. my ring finger is a 4, was a 3.5 pre-pregnancies! LOL!
  5. Well, that chart doesn't go small enough for me! I can't figure it out - I'm usually a 6-6.5.
  6. My engagement ring is a 4.5 but I can also wear a 5
  7. I wear a 5 1/4 - looks to be between J and J 1/2?
  8. wow you ladies have really slim fingers! I am a size 7 for engagement/ring finger, a 9 for thumb and middle, and a 5 on the pinky.
  9. Im a size 5 as well :biggrin:
  10. I'm a 6...
  11. I'm a 4.
  12. I'm a size 5 in US, J 1/2 on that chart.
  13. I am a size 5
    I was a 4-4 1/2 when I was married but gained weight since then (which was a good thing I was too skinny!)
  14. At the moment I think I stand at a size 4.