Whats your opinion on the graffiti poppy print?


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
west coast envy
I first saw this on my boyfriend's 14 year old sister, so automatically I didn't classify it as an option anymore. When I was surprised by the PCE, I bought her the case in the same poppy graffiti print. Then I figured I should grab myself something and the bag I wanted wasnt in the store... :sad: so I figured I've been needing a new wallet, why not grab the skinny. I wanted the purple and gold, but they didn't have it and my boyfriend insisted on getting the grafitti one instead. So I did. I was pleasantly surprised on the new skinny style with the pockets and slots. Now I see the rain boots are a good price and I need a new pair of rain boots. I'm wondering if their too young though. I am in my 20's and will likely look like I'm 14 myself for a long time haha. Is this too young? Am I too old for the phone case and rain boots? Please be honest I will not be offended!


Jun 18, 2010
You are DEFINITELY not too old for Poppy. First of all, you just said you look young. But even if you didn't, it wouldn't matter. Poppy is ageless. I'm glad you've found a new love for the print though :smile:

Buy the boots and then enjoy them like you're 14 ;) lol


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Sep 29, 2010
now that i am 40 i look back and remember thinking i was 'too old' for such and such when i was still in my 20's.

my point: no. if you are still breathing you can enjoy anything, unless your happiness is dependant upon how others view you!