What's your Opinion on the Catharina's?

  1. I like these shoes but my question is how long will you be able to wear them?

    Are they going to be out of style at the end of this season your do you think the shape will become a little more of classic style. I like the look of the shoe but I don't want to spend £300 + on something tha'll be out of fashion in a few months.
    Catharina Pump.jpg Catharina Pump1.jpg
  2. I love the red, but for some reason something just looks off to me... maybe its the shape of the heel?
  3. They don't look too trendy, IMO. Pluys that type of heel comes in and out of fashion.
  4. i agree, but they're ok for work, maybe?
  5. I think they're fine.....they're not too trendy at all. Classic, IMO!
  6. I am BEGGING my mom to buy the red pair or the cornelia boots!!!! uhh they are sooo hot! She had them on with jeans and they were AWESOME!
  7. Their style will work for at least the next 3 seasons.
  8. Em.. I love them but believe that I think it might be out of style by the end of the season !!
  9. i love them claire. especially in red
  10. The colors are pretty, but I personally don't like the way the opening curves up in the front... JMHO.
  11. ^ I actually like that about them
  12. Its not like these shoes will be seen all over since they are very expensive, I don't think they will COME and GO like those UGLY UGG BOOTS and how they were SOOO popular... gag me with a spoon please... lol

    I wouldn't worry about it! :smile:
  13. I hate Ugg boots and croc oh don't get me started LOL

    I know I won't see them everwhere (or anywhere in fact lol) but will they look stupid come next fall, actually I just thought with the high front your feet shouldn't get as wet in winter LOL
  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!
  15. That's what I think too! It looks a little like "Daisy Duck", isn't it so?;)