what's your last LV purchase????

  1. my last babies are mono speedy 30. azur speedy 30 and neverfull MM...:yahoo::wlae::yahoo::wlae:... what's your last???:graucho:
  2. My last LV was a croissant GM from let-trade. I cleaned her up a little and she's a great bag. Before that I got a white MC bandeau and a groom red bandana - I returned the bandana to help fund the croissant. Also, a black
    MC koala bracelet that I have been wearing almost everyday.
  3. My last purchase was the Mirage Bandeau on Sunday. It is my first bandeau. My last bag was the Mirage Speedy.
  4. My last LV purchase was my White MC Speedy
  5. I bought a Keep All 50, Taiga wallet (for hubby) and a Koala Wallet in Amarante.

    I hope to finally pick up my Nimbus PM in Perle on Saturday and if they have a Mirage Bandeau, that too. It is gorgeous!
  6. My LV purchases for this month were the Cabas Mezzo, Cabas Piano, Multicolore Pochette Black and Keepall 45 Multicolore Black(found it brand new on eBay!!) :yahoo:
  7. Black Denim Koala Agenda, 3 weeks ago.....
    trying to control myself until the new releases!!!!!!!!
  8. my last 3 were a black MC Noe, Croissant GM, and black MC Priscilla!
  9. black mirage speedy...well technically black motard pochette, but i haven't picked it up yet.
  10. black mirage speedy :smile:)
  11. Black Neo Cabby GM !
  12. red epi pochette
  13. I just ordered the Black Denim PM agenda and a white speedy keyring! Cannot wait till they arrive!
  14. My last purchase was a white MC Bandeau for my RAOK buddy.

    Things I will be purchasing within the next week: black Taiga belt and an Epi wallet. :tup:
  15. Epi Ivoire Speedy 25!