What's your favourite SLG?

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  1. If you could only pick one (whether you own it or want to own it), what is your favourite SLG? If you have photos, even better :loveeyes:
  2. Monogram Key Cles.
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  3. Sarah wallet
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  4. +1

    Always have it on me, Use for my keys or if I have too many coins as a purse. So cute...love it!!!

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  5. Me too :smile:
  6. Key Pouch in Monogram Empreinte Leather.

    I have one in grape, which is not actually a very purple color, it's kind of pink. These pieces are great to use as a small wallet and come in so many great colors.
  7. Damier ebene key cles! I use mine every single day, and feel lost without it. It's the perfect slg, worry free and many uses.
  8. The Empreinte Key Pouch... The best $475 I've ever spent!
  9. My 6 Key Holder in DE is my most used and can't live without.. Seriously ❤️💕❤️:loveeyes::heart::love::graucho::graucho::graucho:

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  10. +1
  11. Curieuse Wallet in Aurore Empreinte.
  12. My Milla pochette. It is easy to pick my number 1 but I would have a hard time picking number 2 as I :heart: the rest equally.

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  13. My Sarah wallet in dune epi. hands down she's the best wallet ever. She keeps me so well organized and I love to look at her :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464045745.307355.jpg
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  14. Empreinte cles. Love them.
  15. Toiletry Pouch 15