What's your favourite face wash?

  1. I use Shiseido "The Skincare" Purifying Cleansing Foam for years now and it works great on my skin. But now that I recently switch to Dior, I might try JC2239's little green tube then.
  2. I'm tempted to buy that Shu because it looks nice!

    I use Olay's sensitive skin foaming cleanser. It wipes off my makeup in one go and it's gentle and easy on my skin.
  3. I alternate between cetephil normal, cetephil oily, olay foaming pillows, and the body shop facial cleansing wipes. The body shop wipes are great for removing make-up.
  4. Clinique face wash, it's very neutral and effective!
  5. I use handmade soap or Freeman products.
  6. Philosophy's "Purity" face wash...it cleans off makeup, cleanses skin, and tones all in one step. It does not dry my skin out, and also does not cause breakouts. If you like a bar soap, I also use Basin's Goat's Milk handmade soap once I have removed my makeup.
  7. I have been to many dermatologists (i have rosecea and really sensitive skin) and they have ALL recommended Cetaphil. I've tried a lot of other stuff in the past but I find that Cetaphil works the best and it's cheap--yay!
  8. Cetaphil- i have super sensitive skin
  9. Cetaphil usually, and Lancome Clarifiance when I've used foundation that day.
  10. i use dermalogica, yonka, decleor and/or dr. hauschka. it depends on season and if it is morning or night.
  11. I also swear by the st. ives apricot scrub and follow that with neutrogena's pore refining cleanser and a light moisturizer. The cleanser comes in a tube and very creamy so it is not very drying. Sometimes the drugstore items work the best...all depends on what's best for your skin :biggrin:
  12. I use it too. Combo skin here and it really works great. Afterward I use Burt's Bees all day moisturizer
  13. I alternate between Dove soap and La Mer. Works for me!
  14. Hi All,

    I am trying to get a new cleanser, well a new skincare regime. I have combo skin, clear skin, no break outs, occasional oil in the TZone. Is there a cleanser you guys like or suggest that has been tried and true? I have used all sorts from Clean & Clear, Nutrogena, Clinique, DHC, Kanebo, H2O, to name a few and haven't fallen in love with any so far. Please suggest. Thanks!