What's your favorite MJ bag (and color)?

  1. I was curious what everyone's favorite MJ bag and color is.

    I really like MJ styling but only have one (so far!!). Its a satchel in true red. I love it, especially the color. I definitely see myself getting another when the next great sale comes up. BTW, does anyone know of any sales?

    I would love to know what you guys have and love or just love from afar :love:
  2. MJ Blake! Love this bag! I also love the stam, and the new frame bags for Fall 06. In fact, there are very few MJ bags I don't love!
  3. I saw the small and large hobos this weekend and loved the stone/putty with blue suede lining! (looked great in black too) Also the Elise (?) non-patent, non-quilted in putty. Darling! Other than that I'm not thrilled with the colors/styles for the more easy to find MJs this season... never seen a stam IRL.

    Have a Blake and it's great, but I'm tired of the compartments and like looking for my things in one spot again.... easier to change bags!
  4. My favorite MJ bag is Patent/Quilted Elise. =)
    Color wise, it depends on the style of the bag.
    Overall, I like chalk/blush/white/linen (all light).

    The most recent MJ sale we came across was 20% off (Bloomingdale's & Saks' F&F events, Nordstrom price-match).
  5. right now, my fav mj bag is the selma in mint green, because it's so different and the leather is :love: . mj does color very well; i love the taupe/brown color combo i saw in a guinevere bag. i'm saving up for that one!
  6. My favorite is my Stella in Berry. It is such a great bag!
  7. My favorite is still the original Stella, with brass buckles. I have to say my plum colored Stella with blue suede interior is still my favorite after all these years. Followed closely by my taupe Stam.
  8. I love Blake! :love: I have it in black and denim.
  9. I'm boring, I still love my black calfskin tote...not sure what the name is?!...Stella?
    (12) Marc Jacobs Calfskin Tote - 995.JPG
  10. Pursemama, I think that tote didn't have a name; the stella has different pockets and a zip pocket just above the two front pockets.

    Here is a picture of the original style (actually the reissue):


    And here is the "new Stella":


    [both pictures from Neiman Marcus]
  11. I absolutely love the blake..looking to get one in denim..

    and the stam..i have the baby stam in taupe, but i haven't even used it yet...i think that i might go for the regular stam...but am still trying to save up the money.
  12. Sophia in Sap

    (have a Sap Stella too, but just more partial to the Sophia - not too small, yet not overwhelming, and plenty of compartments)
  13. I love my Venetia in Sap Green with Navy Suede Lining :love:

    I can't pick one! I adore Marc Jacobs

    I also love a bright Emerald Green Blake

    And for my different Bag - the Scarlett in Sunset Pink

    Oh, and of course my Original Stella in Black and my Original Lg Hobo on Grape :smile:
  14. I purchased the Adina in white last Christmas and get TONS of compliments on it. I do love my Venetia as well.
  15. My favorite are the two I own: black nylon and light pink multipockets that I purchased from Jill.:love: