Whats your favorite damier ebene bag?

  1. Whats your favorite damier ebene bag other than speedy & neverfull....Please Share your thoughts ladies..:biggrin:
  2. Trevi!
  3. Bloomsbury pm...love this bag :smile:
  4. Trevi and Verona PM (I have the latter).
  5. except from NF and Speedy I loove my Eva
  6. I'm waiting for Speedy B!
  7. Gotta be speedy b .... Love Trevi but it seems heavy :sad:
  8. Verona pm and hampstead pm
  9. Rivington Cabas!! Love the zippers!
  10. Rosebery Cabas!!
  11. Tough call! I is between my speedy and alma.
  12. If the Speedy isn't an option, then I'd say the Eva.
  13. I love my evora mm, such a carefree bag

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  14. speedy
  15. I love my Speedy DE but seeing that is not an option.... I have to say Trevi!!!