What's your fav. size???

  1. I thought mine was the city, but it's too "in between" for me!
    I usually end up wearing my First and leaving the City behind.
    I really like the First. I have two kids under 5 and I still find it holds enough for me, but I think "look" wise (and maybe size) I may prefer the Twiggy.

    Yeah, my city looks like a briefcase to me, funnily enough I'd prefer the weekender?? It's SO big rather than just "in between".:blink:
    I'm crazy.
    So my fav's are the weekender and the first, with the possibility of twiggy but I've never owned one.

    Anyone else crazy?
  2. I like the city too, but since I prefer big bags, I'm looking into the work! It'll be sooo perfect for all the documents that I have to carry for work... :love: :yes:
  3. I'm crazy about my first! I love the size, in fact, I sometimes feel like it has too much room for me! But I love the size & the way it looks!
  4. I know it isnt popular, but I love the mini twiggy.
  5. Mine is the box :love:
  6. i just bought my 1st balenciaga...it's a black twiggy bag & i'm in love :love:
  7. i'd have to say: twiggy
  8. I have a 5 city bags, a day bag and I purchased the courier last week. The courier is my new favorite. It is huge but I love big bags and I picked a beautiful color (the rust - not veiny at all). My next purchase will be a work.
  9. I have a twiggy, but I love the shape of the First, Hobo, and Purse. Hmm..if I had to pick a favorite though, it'd be the First :love: :heart:
  10. i actually like the look of the box and the first the most, but they don't hold enough for me.
  11. I *thought* I liked the city best.. but now I'm thinking I might like the box better!
  12. I know!! I loved my City when I first got it, but now I don't like the size...
  13. Isn't it frustrating? And then you start to fall in love with other styles/colors.. and it's like you *have* to have it! :Push: I never believed the other ladies but.. b-bags really are addictive! What an awful addictiont to have.. :lol:
  14. I would love to have a First and a City in all my favourite colours! (yeah right!)

    I love the City size for practical, everyday use--it's more than big enough for anything I need to carry.

    I also love the look and size of the First--it's so cute and works as a dressier bag too.

    I :heart: both!
  15. i had a first, but it was just too small for me. i don't carry much, but what i carry is big - big wallet, big sunglasses case, big key ring. i thought the city would be too big from pics, but then i saw one in person and it's PERFECT. i'm now the proud owner of a teal city and i couldn't love it more :smile:
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