What's YOUR Department Store?


What's your favorite department store?

  1. Neiman Marcus

  2. Saks Fifth Avenue

  3. Barney's New York

  4. Nordstrom

  5. Bloomingdale's

  6. Other

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  1. Which one is your fave that gets most of your business?

    For me it's easily Saks- their men's selection in San Francisco is 100x better than SF Neiman's (which has the worst service btw) and they have an outlet by my house.
  2. Bloomingdale's for me! I also like Macy's and Nordstrom. :tup:
  3. I love Neimans!:love: I also love Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, too. But Bloomingdales is pretty hit or miss depending on the location.
  4. Saks is the only one in my city! Not much store selection down here...
  5. I love Nordstrom. I get a lot of clothes there. Out of all the department stores here, they have the best customer service and least intimidating sales staff. I'm a loyal shopper.
  6. nordstroms, but when in the city its barneys
  7. Nordstrom.... :lol:
  8. For me Macy's Herald Square, NYC is more than a dept. store, it was practically my second home, especially between Labor Day to Christmas. :girlsigh: I also like Bergdolf Goodman, the old Bonwit Teller before Trump Tower, and Henri Bendel.
  9. We have none of these stores in my town, so I shop from the websites online when I'm not in a city that has the store.
  10. Er Selfridges!
  11. Nordstrom. The SAs at our Saks are such snobs I can't stand going in there, and the other stores we don't have.
  12. Same for me, too. We have NOTHING here. The internet is my bff.
  13. I actually find a lot of good deals in Lord & Taylor and I love the SA's there.

    Macy's is very hit or miss. Every Macy's seems to carry different things and some stores are smaller than others. But a large, well stocked Macy's is like heaven.

    I like Nordstrom's but don't go as often. I find the Neiman's SAs very irritating and snobby near me.
  14. I have none of those stores in my area either. Eluxury gets most of my business. I do have a Macy's about 20 miles away. I go there quite a bit, but highest end bags you can get there are Coach and Dooney.
  15. Nordstrom. Their sales staff are very kind, and have no attitude whatsoever (I'm looking at you, Saks and Barney's). My mom got a thank you card from a Nordstrom SA just for buying a swimsuit! I do work near a Bloomy's, though, so I go there a fair amount as well.