What's Your Current Mood?

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  1. Disclaimer:
    MODS, if there is already a thread on this topic, please merge/delete/close as appropriate. I did a search, but no results matched.

    This thread is totally Myspace inspired.

    My current mood: Annoyed.

    I'm waiting on my UPS guy to deliver a chair I ordered and he is not here yet.
  2. tired and annoyed....i'm sick again..annoyed at people who come to work sick.
  3. Surprisingly good!
  4. Bored.
  5. Still annoyed and slightly bored.
  6. Bored here too.
  7. I was ****ty because I was told that I may have to pay about $225 to get something repaired on my vehicle , but the dealer called and said it was under warranty. So company is paying for part of it so I only have to pay a little over $100. So mood now...excellent! :] plus it's a gorgeous day out which adds to the mood!
  8. Tired...I usually hit my "wall" on Thursdays. I can't wait for the weekend!!
  9. Tired and annoyed.

  10. Good
  11. Very upbeat
  12. Annoyed & upset
  13. kinda annoyed at myself.... Trolley-Dolly , I was gonna wish you a happy b-day yesterday cuz I just happened to see your name under today's birthdays. but I didn't... I didn't because I wished another member a happy b-day a while back that I didn't know very well but recognized her name and I kinda got the feeling she thought I was weird :s but whatever...

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Trolley-Dolly!!! :balloon::party::flowers:
  14. ^Hi, L&M........:hugs:
  15. Annoyed...I swear my roommates will be the death of me one day...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.