What's Your Bad Weather/Schlep Bag

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  1. We all have one I think? One that we take out in the rain or put sippy cups in. What's yours?
  2. Definitely one of my Longchamp totes. Those bags are virtually indestructible...at least so far.
  3. a simple black leather coach demi .. the leather has been treated so its ok if it gets wet and if it gets stained, there's always leather cleaner.
  4. An Ecko hobo.. also perfect for blending in with high schoolers !
  5. This black tote I got for free when I purchased a pair of shoes. Forgot the name of it. :lol: Or other "free" bags that I get when purchasing cosmetics and perfumes.
  6. My corduroy Volcom tote. I take it to clubs and shows with me. It always seems to get beer spilled on it, stomped on or tossed around, and it's virtually indestructible.
  7. Any of my mono Vuittons.
  8. I don't change purses depending on the weather. I'm careful with my bags and for what I pay for them am going to use them! Now if I was going to be outside in the rain and mud and throw my purse on the ground that would be different. running in and out from house to car to office to car to restaurant I don't have a problem.
  9. Same here. There's rarely a time when I'm out in the weather (as much as there's "weather" here in SoCal) other than dashing from the front door to the car in the driveway, or across a parking lot to the market. And if it's raining, I always have an umbrella. I'll take pretty much any of my bags out any day.
  10. i live in Georgia, where the weather changes by the minute (particularly in summer - it rains every afternoon for 20-30 minutes. around 3 p.m., usually), so i always check the weather and use either an old corduroy hobo from american eagle (i swear, it has a strap made out of some of the most gorgeous vintage-y looking leather i've ever seen on any bag) or a herve chaplier tote (if i'm going to school) if it might rain.
  11. Well in AZ, it doesn't rain much. Actually it hasn't rained since the beginning of Oct but if it did, I wouldn't think twice about carrying my new Damier Papillon 26 since it's weatherproof!:biggrin: I knew I bought it for some reason other than really loving the Damier canvas!
  12. I carry my duomo...i love that i don't have to worry about water stains on the vachetta.
  13. i actually don't have one... whatever it is i might be carrying, rain snow anything goes!
  14. This is so funny! On Friday, I was telling myself I needed to get a "bad weather" bag because I carried my brand new whiskey paddington for the first time to work, got out of the subway.. and it started raining!!! I was walking the two blocks two work with my coat covering my purse like a crazy person!! :Push::shame:
  15. I have a Coach Soho that does relatively well in the rain. If it's really pouring, I take my "inspired" Bulga that's not even made of real leather but does a GREAT job of just causing the water to drip right off of it. Funny how well the pleather works... Hahaha